Corrosion Protection

According to extensive independent scientific testing,Rust Bullet is the most effective, longest lasting, easiest to use

rust/corrosion-control product on the market. Rust Bullet Standard Formula has been awarded Two United States Patents for its

advanced technologies and is the gold standard used and recognized worldwide as the best rust/corrosion-control product available.

Use the Rust Bullet Standard Formula for your metal surfaces including Marine, Home and Farm, Industrial and Commercial

applications. Use Rust Bullet Standard Formula as a stand-alone coating, or in combination with Rust Bullet BlackShell, Rust

Bullet WhiteShell, Rust Bullet ColorShells or Rust Bullet Clear Shot for unbeatable rust protection. Rust Bullet Standard Formula

is metallic gray in color. Rust Bullet Standard can be brush rolled or sprayed.

ANUBIS is an official distributor and applicator of Rust Bullet and RL500 ChemcoInt products in Madagascar.

ANUBIS is a partner of Coatings International the official distributor for Africa of RL500 coatings see for more information.