Fire Suppression Systems

ANUBIS offers various ranges of standalone aerosol fire canisters for suppression in Electrical MCCs, Drives, Control Panels and PLC panels. We have successfully supplied, installed and commissioned these systems on various turnkey projects in Africa and has, in most instances become the standard fire suppression system for these mines.

Key points:

  • 3 times more effective than Halon
  • Environmentally Friendly (Zero ODP)
  • No pressurised cylinders or pipework required
  • Compact and weight saving
  • Low toxicity (no aggressive acids, bromide, chlorine) does not deplete oxygen
  • Cost effective
  • Simple to maintain

Health & Safety

Primarily due to high obscuration, these systems are designed to be used in normally unoccupied facilities such as MCC Rooms, Data Centres, Generator Houses etc. Inadvertent exposure to the aerosol should be avoided by warning signs, pre-discharge alarms, post-discharge alarms and venting of the space. Accidental exposure to the aerosol should be limited to 5 minutes. A manufacturers safety data sheet is available on request.


Certification for various products is available on request for specific countries where deployed.


Main Fire Panel with connectivity to Fire Station or Control Room


1500A 600V VSD Fire Canister

525V MCC Bucket Protection