Renewable Energy Solutions

ANUBIS PTY Ltd and partner ENERCUBE provide solar farm PV solutions. Fully financed under certain conditions and guarantees. Sizes from 400kW to 200MW.


Biofuel production plant

Biofuel catalytic cracking (BFCC) is a thermo-chemical process which allows the transformation of solid biomass (or other feedstock) to light fuels (diesel and/or petrol and/or jet-fuel), ensuring high quality standards from an environmental, health and safety point of view.

Together with our technology partner Enercube and the Italian engineering company, Elettra Progetti e Servizie, we are distributing a new generation biofuel from secondary biomass.

Unlike biodiesel (made from primary biomass such as sunflowers, soy, corn, etc.), our biofuel’s chemical characteristics are almost identical to those of standard hydrocarbon fuel. However, our biofuel has lower sulphur content.

Our green diesel can be used, without further treatment, in standard engines for transportation or for electrical and thermal energy production (co-generation).

The use of solar technologies (photovoltaic and concentrating solar power) has been developed to make the system more efficient and “green”.

Modular Biofuel Plant (250litres/hour)